• silicon nitride ceramics

  • Ceramic insulating ring

  • Magnesium zirconium ceramic

  • Semiconductor ceramic disc


Shanghai HMCERA Tech Co.,Ltd

 Shanghai HMCERA Tech Co.,Ltd is an advanced ceramic production enterprise integrating scientific research, production and management.The company adopts advanced technology and management mode to strictly control product quality.The company mainly produces alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics and other precision structural parts, breaking through China's traditional ceramic production technology, nano technology and gel injection molding technology combined, some of the product technology has reached the international advanced level of similar products.The company has successfully developed 996 aluminum oxide ceramic substrate, high-pressure ceramic plunger pump, semiconductor ceramics, ceramic sucker, liquid crystal panel ceramics, high-pressure ceramic valves, porous ceramics, high-precision ceramic guide wheel and other high-technology requirements of structural ceramics and functional ceramics, breaking the foreign strategic monopoly.

The company has obtained iso9001:2015 SGS certification.


  • ISO9001:2015


  • China sensor and Internet of things industry allia

    China sensor and Internet of things industry alliance.

  • Member of Shanghai institute of silicate.

    Member of Shanghai institute of silicate.


  • 01

  • 02 Custom-made ceramic rod production/LED alumina ceramic plate

    Custom-made ceramic rod production/LED alumina ceramic plate/Shanghai hengmai ceramics technology co. LTD The ceramic plunger is used for the ultra-hard wear of modern engineering ceramics. It can be assembled by ceramic metallization bonding, welding, Mosaic and socket technology. It is the ideal substitute of similar metal pump and has been widely used in medical devices, environmental engineering, petroleum a

  • 03 Constant pulse ceramic production capacity


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