Ceramic insulating ring

Ceramic insulating ring

In LED, LCD, solar semiconductor ceramics, etching, deposition, LCD, constant pulse materials can provide related ceramic custom service, constant pulse tao is 5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inch wafer ceramic grinding disc.Constant pulse ceramic, semiconductor ceramic, insulating ceramics, pottery, luminescent ceramics, sensitive ceramic dielectric, absorbing ceramics, laser ceramics, pottery, nuclear fuel propellant as ceramic, the solar energy light conversion ceramics, storage battery, damping ceramics, pottery and porcelain, ceramic solid biological technology, catalytic ceramic, special feature film, etc., in automatic control, instruments and meters, electronics, communications, energy, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry, precision machinery, aerospace, defense and other departments shall play an important role.

It is used in semiconductor equipment depositing equipment, lithography equipment, etching equipment, material preparation equipment, surface treatment equipment, installation equipment, etc.

Insulating ring

Purpose: semiconductor field

Material: 99.8%Al2O3

Material no. : hma-998

Dimensions: 600 mm

Remarks: according to the drawing processing & product mapping and processing


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